Confidence and Courage

We are living in very uncomfortable and uncertain times …. COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Political Turmoil, the profession has been turned upside down, schools are closed, people refuse to wear mask – One or all of these situations may be affecting you.

In times of crisis and uncertainty, do you have the strength to push through discomfort and face potential conflict. Do you have the confidence and courage it takes to bravely move forward during these challenging times to power through, or do you silence your voice do you run away? Do you get stuck?

Some people have been able to face this uncertainty …. Some of have adapted and are doing quite well despite what may seem like the world is falling apart around them. You may be asking yourself HOW?

They have a ”Secret Sauce”. It’s a magic pill if you will.

For those of you who are suffering, stuck, unsure of what’s next, my hope is that I am able to provide you with a few words of encouragement to strengthen your inner self-confidence and help you uncover your own “Secret Sauce” (courage) to act despite your fears.

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The Story

Dr. Joy is fortunate enough to live out her passion through a flourishing career, but her journey hasn’t been as easy as it looks. In addition to the traditional challenges young scholars face (high demanding coursework, no work/life balance, motherhood and marriage, school debt) Dr. Joy dealt with various changes in her home life that competed with her ability to complete school, instructors that didn’t believe in her, and identity issues that drew her into feelings of self-doubt


Despite the roadblocks, Dr. Joy continued to persevere and eventually created a personal and professional life that brings her happiness and purpose. In Confidence and Courage, Dr. Joy will share the ups and downs of her story, and how she became the respected, ambitious professional she is today. It is with her story she hopes to inspire others to activate the confidence to achieve even when life gives them every reason to give up.


Dr. Joy is a passionate and zestful servant who truly believes in the power of Confidence and Courage


Breaking it down, strengths style... She is an Achiever, She takes Command, She is Strategic, She is an Arranger and She is undoubtedly Self-Assured.

Educator, writer, researcher, CEO, dental hygienists, wife, mother … She’s a Whole Vibe

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